January 2024 Summary

Reviewed the work content of January, most of the time every day was spent developing code based on customer requirements, coordinating with the backend to test and deploy interfaces. Most of this was done using CV. Thinking about what I have gained from this:

  1. Because I have been using a fixed framework, I have a clear understanding of the data flow in the code. I encapsulate common request files and manage independent modals. (So for events and states shared between components, they need to be optimized into global files)
  2. In the project structure, the parent component is a class component, and Redux state management is done through context using mapState and mapDispatch, while the rendering logic is handled in a separate view file. But in development, for the sake of convenience, both data and event definitions are placed in the view file 😂 (I must change this lazy habit later)
  3. The scope of states needs to be clarified and optimized. (Which ones are managed by useState and which ones are managed by Redux)
  4. It has been a long time since I set up a framework. I should take the time to review it again (deepen my impression).

Learning by practicing, isn't it fun? 😜

That's it for now, don't want to think anymore. I'll improve it next time. (¦3[▓▓] Good night


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